FAQ's - The Market Run (Fruit & Veg)

Our fruit & veg are sourced from Australia's leading farmers, distributors and co-ops. To ensure freshness, they are only delivered to Sydney addresses.

You can select "one off purchases" or set a "recurring delivery" each week and your fresh produce will be delivered straight to your door every Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday (depending on your location). Cut off date for all orders is 7pm on Sunday for that weeks deliveries.

Our fruit & veg are sourced from Australia's leading farmers, distributors and co-ops. So all of your purchases support our local Aussie farmers!

We also average between 20-50% cheaper than supermarkets. So we can help you save thousands per year!

Our produce is also fresher as it does not sit on a display in a store waiting to be purchased. It comes straight from the farmers and distributors to us, we pack your order and deliver it straight to your door!

Not to mention, we save you time and the hassle of getting to the supermarket. We know there is not enough hours in a day to get everything done anymore. So we will bring your shopping straight to your door and you can use your valuable time for something more productive and useful.

All orders (including modifications, skips or cancellations) need to be in by 7:00pm on Sunday for that weeks deliveries.
We have cut off periods because we require time to coordinate all the fresh produce with the farmers, co-ops and leading distributors.

Deliveries to;
- The St George and Sutherland Shire are made every Tuesday.
- Central Sydney (from Parramatta) to the East Coast are made every Wednesday
- Western Sydney (from Parramatta to Mt Druitt  and up to The Ponds and down to Campbelltown) are made every Thursday

We aim to make life easier for you and our amazing prices is just one way of doing that. Another is our "recurring delivery" option. 

Simply select a couples box, family box or jumbo box and then select your desired delivery frequency (weekly or fortnightly) and we will take care of the rest. This is the best way to take advantage of all the freshest seasonal produce - its the ideal produce sampler.

Alternatively, if you prefer to put your own box together, simply select the seasonal fruit & veg that you love and set the recurring delivery option (weekly or fortnightly) and your selected produce will magically appear at your door every week / fortnight.

Either way, the recurring delivery option saves you plenty of time.

For produce that is required less frequently than fortnightly the "one time purchase" option is perfect.

Absolutely! Our system allows you the complete freedom to mix and match as you see fit. 

You may combine your recurring deliveries (perfect for those staples) with some things that you might like to try for the first time, or even set multiple recurring deliveries for different products depending on your usage.

For example, you might already have a family box on a recurring weekly delivery and absolutely loooove apples and you want to add some additional apples to your delivery. You might also like some additional potatoes every second week - this is easy! simply set your apples for a weekly delivery and the potatoes for a fortnightly delivery.

Don't forget you can also set your other consumables (such as laundry powder, toothpaste and dishwashing liquid) to be delivered as you require - making life even easier.

Yes of course! We understand that your circumstance may change and as a result you may add or remove products from your recurring order by logging into your account. From there you can also pause you recurring delivery and even stop it entirely if you wish.

Any changes must be made prior to the 7:00pm cut off on the Sunday prior to that weeks deliveries. Otherwise the change will take place for the following week.

 - 7:00pm on Sunday for the Tuesday deliveries
 - 7:00pm on Sunday for the Wednesday deliveries
- 7:00pm on Sunday for Thursday deliveries
You can also get in touch with us at hello@themarketrun.com.au and we can assist with any modification, skips or cancellations that you require.

 If you checked out as a guest and did not create an account do not worry. Our system is amazing! simply click on "my account" and create an account by clicking "sign up". Use the email address that you previously used (when you checked out as a guest) and follow the activation email process.

Once this is complete, all of your previous recurring orders will appear in your account and you will be able to modify, pause, stop or edit your details and orders.

Your fruit & veg delivery will arrive in an environmentally friendly cardboard box jam packed with fresh seasonal produce.

We aim to undertake all fruit & veg deliveries between 8am - 7pm.

If it is a hot day, your box will also contain ice packs to help keep everything cool.

We prefer to deliver your fresh produce directly to you and not leave it on the door step. We ask that you utilise the comment section of the shopping cart, to leave us any important delivery messages.

We also use courier companies to undertake deliveries.

The fruit & veg produce is only available for Sydney customers and delivery is free for all orders over $50.

We do not advertise a low product price, only to slug you with a high cost of delivery, like a lot of online retailers do.

(As a guide - Woolies and Coles charge between $8-$15 for deliveries under $150)

We do not charge delivery on a per item basis.

If your order is less than $50 we charge a flat rate delivery of $9.95 Sydney wide - regardless of weight or size of the delivery... So we recommend that you bundle your produce (and other items) and order as much as you can, to maximise the delivery.

***please note*** due to the current COVID-19 situation a flat rate delivery fee of $9.95 maybe applied to all orders. This is to help us continue to deliver fresh produce to you and your family during these difficult times.

A lot of delivery services including from Woolies & Coles have been periodically suspended due to the current situation and the delivery fee helps us continue a reliable delivery service that family across Sydney rely on.


Our fruit & vegetables are fresh straight from the farm and we do not cold store them for long periods, meaning sometimes there may be interruptions in supply due to seasonal / environmental and other supply factors. If this is the case, we may on the odd occasion, have to offer a replacement product. If we do this, we will aim to provide you a product similar in nature and value. If this is something that you are unable to use, please let us know and we will credit you instead.

Fresh produce is a volatile industry and the price of fruit and vegetables often fluctuates depending on many factors including seasonal availability, environmental forces such as drought and rains and labour factors.

We always support Aussie farmers and as such do not attempt to by-pass these factors, however, we do try to maintain regular pricing for all of our products by keeping other overheads as low as possible. 

When there is a price change you can be assured that we will always provide you with the best value possible (and we always try to provide you savings compared to the supermarkets).

We do try and maintain pricing as much as possible and minimise the disruption to your budgets. Prices are updated daily.

Due to the health and safety of all of our customers we are unable to reuse the delivery boxes. But the boxes are environmentally friendly and made of good quality cardboard. So if you don't have a use for them we encourage you to recycle them.

You can pay for all online purchases securely with your Visa or Mastercard. We use both Shopify's leading security as well as Stripe's world leading secure processing to ensure your privacy is maintained.

All recurring orders are processed on the weekly / fortnightly anniversary of the day you placed your initial order. 

All changes can be made safely and securely via your members page. Simply login to your account and make any changes that you require.

We work different hours to most people. Our day starts at the market at 2:30am where we purchase all of the required fruit and veg each day, we then load the trucks and head back to the warehouse to being the daily pack. We then spend the next few hours on the road doing deliveries.

The best way to get in touch is via our email address or Facebook Messanger.

Our website allows you to checkout as a guest, so even though you may have ordered from our website many times, unless you have clicked 'create an account' the system will not recognise you.

Simply click on "My account" and then "Sign Up". Follow the prompts and activate your account.

Use the same email address as your previous orders and the system will automatically add all of your previous orders to your account.

If your account declines, we will try again the following day. If your recurring order declines when all of the recurring orders are processed your order will unfortunately be missed for that particular week as we need to allocate stock levels by a strict cut off period. But don't worry, our system is all automated and will attempt to charge your account again the following day (up to a maximum of 10 consecutive days) and once successful, your order will be dispatched in the next delivery run to your area.
If your payment declines on the 10th attempt your account will be automatically canceled. We are not responsible for any fees incurred by you from your bank or financial institution in regards to payments or missed payments or over drawn accounts etc.. so please ensure you have sufficient funds to complete your order to avoid any such fees.

We have no lock in contracts, so you can pause, skip, modify or cancel anytime. If you request to cancel your recurring order before 5pm Saturdays, it will be actioned for that coming week. If your request comes in after 5pm Saturdays, it will be reflected the following week.

If for any reason, your box has been delivered after your cancellation request you may choose to keep the box and have the cancellation take effect the following week or return the box (at your expense) and a full refund can be organised for you and then cancellation will take effect the following week.

There is no minimum term, so you may pause or cancel your recurring order at anytime without a cancellation charge. 

Pausing your account is great if you are going on holidays or moving.

If you wish to cancel your delivery, we encourage you to contact us at cs@themarketrun.com.au and let us know of any issues. This will not only allow us to improve our service for the future, but also allow us the opportunity to rectify any issues or concerns that you may have. 

Please ensure you notify us of any modifications, skips or cancellations prior to the weekly cut off (5pm Saturdays). If your request comes through after this period, your request wont be able to be actioned until the next week - as we have to order and allocate stock by strict times and coordinate deliveries.


These are very uncertain and unprecedented times and the safety of our team, customers and community are of absolute importance.

During these times, pricing and availability of stock is fluctuating hourly and whilst every effort will be made to ensure you and your family receive your order, there maybe times when items are no longer available, need to substituted for a similar item or refunded.

Additional costs are being incurred during these difficult times and whilst we try to absorb most of these, it becomes inevitable that some additional charges may need to be applied to allow us to continue providing this service to you and your family.